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Looking For An Easy Way To Login To Consumer Reports?
Started in 1936, Consumer Reports began as a magazine started by an organization called Consumers Union. They have an in-house laboratory and test various consumer products and services. Consumer Reports is known for not accepting 3rd party advertising which is why they can charge a premium for their information. CS publishes buying and cleaning guides in addition to their magazine. They also have an online portal which is probably why you are here ­čÖé
The link you are probably looking for is this one:
You might also be searching for free access to consumer reports. A post appearing on the news site reddit describes how to do this by going through a library’s online access links (the library is in Aurora, Indiana) – but encourages readers to sign up and pay for access if they plan to use it.
One of the biggest problems their subscribers face is logging into the New or Used Car Price Report. This is a very popular area and Consumer Reports gives these steps for accessing that report:
To login to your New or Used Car Price Reports simply follow these instructions:
1.  Login to your account. You can use this link:
2.  Enter Username & Password then click the button that says LOG IN.
They then remind users that passwords are upper and lower case sensitive.
Consumer Reports thoughtfully provides a link if you forget your user name. And another for forgotten passwords. We can help with that too:
Click here if you forgot your username
Click here if you forgot your password
Ever the consumer’s friend, they even offer a tip that the most common problem is leaving your caps lock key on and how to identify on your keyboard if the key is active or not (my advice is to test a keystroke and see if it’s upper or lower case because the light on your keyboard can burn out or be hard to find).
3. ┬áAssuming you’ve logged in, you are then told that the New or Used Car Price Reports (assuming you have ordered them) will show up right underneath the “My-Online-Products” area.
4. Then just click the link to “View Report” – it’s beside the vehicle you want to research.
5. They also say that if you’re still having trouble, log out and try again.
Good luck logging in to your account. We hope our site has helped you find an easy way to login to Consumer Reports.

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